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Passion Projects

For Halloween 2021, Elise was a fairy. She constructed her fairy wings out of wire, iridescent cellophane, paint, glitter, and an old t-shirt. Construction time was about 15 hours.

To keep in the spirit of 2020, Elise fashioned a covid-19 mask into a Minnie Mouse costume by making a mouse nose out of cotton and latex. The nose was then painted and attached via velcro to a fabric mask. Construction time was about 8 hours.



Kean Theatre Conservatory, 2017

Prop Master; Scenic Designer, David Barber


Barber designed the crown of "God" which Elise constructed. The crown was then suspended 10 feet in a glass box and rigged to fall each performance. 


In addition to the crown, Elise also constructed a baby attached to a pregnancy pillow that was delivered and swaddled on stage.

Marisol Insta RIP.png

Seussical: the Musial

Kean Theatre Conservatory, 2017

Props Designer; Scenic Designer, Patrick Rizzoli

Elise and Rizzoli designed Horton's clover patch of cocktail umbrellas together. To account for this, Elise spray painted over 200 cocktail umbrellas different shades of purple, and placed them in overlapping layers of foam to create the clover field.



In addition to the clover field, Elise carved a wooden television screen for the Thing 1 & Thing 2 actors to easily bring on and off. She also made a comedically large magnifying glass out of PVC pipe and foam

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